My love for Genealogy

If you’ve stumbled on this page my guess is you’re curious or related to me. Welcome! Please let me know you’re here and what brought you to this page. I absolutely LOVE hearing personal stories about people who existed long before I did – it fascinates me and makes history more realistic! 

My plan for my genealogy blog is to provide more information and interesting stories to my family, future generations related to me, other genealogists, and to those looking for relatives we share in our family trees.

The surnames I focus on most are of relation to the Van Benthuysens and the Farmers.

My family tree is a work in progress. I take my genealogy seriously in that I rely heavily on paper trails; I do not copy and paste my information simply because someone else has it on their tree. I do detailed research until I am satisfied the information belongs to my ancestors. However, I am also human and I make mistakes. If you find something inaccurate, please bring it to my attention! 

Thank you for visiting and I hope the information I provide is valuable to you.